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In the race for economic prosperity we are like a horse in a race with its blinkers on. The only aim is to cross the line without turning back. In the mean while to achieve that we left some scar behind which left unseen.After all life on Earth depends upon its natural resources to live and thrive. But for the past 50 years our hunger on earth resources has grown into double. As like the First come First serve algorithm, we use max resources in our allocated span of time. In other words humans use more than 1.5 planets to provide the resources we use and absorb our waste in our life time. The increase in usage creates a big void between demand and regeneration of our earth puts us in global ecological overshoot, depleting the very resources on which human life and biodiversity depend.

Once our resources get depleted and makes earth an inhabitable one, we push our self to a verge of extinction. Still there is a voice in all urging for some actions which merely gets noticed. The voice started to get noticed in some teens in the year 2009. The mere voice gets its zeal back urging us to create an impact on the society. In a search of an impact we found similar aura which get unites to form a group in the year 2010 and named it Suvikaaram. The will and the energy turns into action where the group started to make its 1st impact in the year 2011. Till a point of time, the struggles to take forward looks like a lone battle without any support. By the days to follow the group gets larger, stats gets heavier and support gets bigger. In the year 2015, the group gets officially recognised as ‘Fugen Trust’.


About spread Love

Spread Love an exclusive brand from Spread Clothing. This collection is a fusion of vibrant fine fabric with true love. The package of love (Spread) is wrapped with a top notch white T-shirt along with couple of trendy handbooks from Pointer.

In fact, Spread Clothing has pledged to spend all from this edition on our native plant species through special nurseries. These native and medical plant species are brought up through your love and support which makes it special of its kind. So spread not the word, Spread Love.



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Digital Water

A digital awareness campaign to stress out the importance of saving water and how to use it effectively through social posters.

Native Green Farm

To carry out the footprint to grow our own native and medical plant species through our special farms. Once the plants reach the certain growth it will be distributed for free of cost.

Know Your Computer

A training programme to educate students who lacks in computer knowledge through our free computer courses. This programme is intent to eradicate computer illiteracy and motivate rural students to know more about computers.

Repay The Earth

A campaign to stress out the need of saving the water bodies around us to secure our food and future.

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